“All of us are finding our voices again. Learning how to talk to one another….  there’s a conversation going on today that wasn’t happening at all five years ago and hasn’t been very much in evidence since the Industrial Revolution began. Now, spanning the planet via the Internet and Worldwide Web, this conversation is so vast, so multifaceted, that trying to figure out what it is about is futile. It’s about a billion years of pent up hopes and fears and dreams coded in serpentine double helixes, the collective flashback deja vu of our strange perplexing species. Something ancient, elemental, sacred, something very very funny that’s broken loose in the pipes and wires of the twenty-first century…. there are million and millions of threads in this conversation, but at the beginning and end of each one is a human being.” – The Cluetrain Manifesto

I read this for the first time in 2005, and immediately fell in love.

The “blogosphere” (the “universe of discourse”) is really about finding our voice, and even more so, about hearing another’s. It’s about resonating with an idea.  It’s about connecting.  So it only seemed fitting to put this collection of ideas and individual conversations I’ve had over the last 6-7 years here–in the blogosphere itself.

My motives are two-fold actually.  First, as a digital journal of ideas that have inspired and changed me (because my memory is on its way downhill).  But more importantly to open up the conversation to hopefully engage/inspire you (whoever you may be).  If you are a fellow Creative or Knowledge-Worker, you’ve probably also found that having to produce creative solutions all day long can be draining.  And we need to be intentional about re-fueling ourselves with the beauty and inspiration around us (or we’ll just dry up).

Professionally, I am a print/web/interaction designer and I love my job. But when I look back at things I’ve created over the last couple decades (things my employers have needed to communicate an idea, create an experience or sell something), it all feels like ephemera.

But as I’ve  had the chance to lead a team of creatives, and raise a family, and nurture friendships (both old and new), I’ve found we also get to design something more than ephemera —  the connections we have with each other.

Everyone’s a designer. And we get the chance to design things that last for lifetime*s* (yeah…more than just ours)…  homes… lifestyles… families…  connections…

But my question to you is this:  what if we were more intentional about it?

That’s the conversation this space was created for…


join in.



– cindi farmer



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Hi Cindi,
I came across your site last night and got completely sucked in by the topic and your content. Very exciting to see someone else is captivated by our connections and improving them. I am graphic designer in graduate school, my thesis area is looking into design that explores and improve our connection to others. thanks for sharing. Laurie

October 25, 2013 2:50 pm

Thank you so much, Laurie. I would *love* to hear more about your thesis!

October 25, 2013 2:54 pm

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