A couple years ago our house was totally full of family for a wedding. It was so full in fact, that we ran out of beds. So we offered our bed to the guests and my hub graciously slept under the pool table and I slept outside in the hammock. What surprised me though, was how much I loved it. There was this gentle breeze all night, and instead of that annoying alarm that I beat every nine minutes (for at least a half an hour), I woke up slowly to the sun rise and birds singing. Then it hit me–this is the way we were meant to wake up! It felt so much natural to be connected to the rest of the earth as she woke up.

It was also a good reminder at how much energy we absorb by being enveloped in the beauty of nature. Especially places like the Redwood Forest, the San Juans Mountains, or by the beaches of the Pacific Ocean. Maybe we should be intentional about spending more time outside (even if it’s just our own backyard). It not only rejuvenating for our own energy levels, but it may strengthen our own affection for and connection to the earth.

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