One of my favorite books is Mind Performance Hacks: Tips & Tools for Overclocking Your Brain, and one of the most helpful techniques this book taught me is this concept of playing mind music when you are working. If you are in a job where your output is creativity/solutions/knowledge, I’m sure you can relate to those days when you just can’t pull focus. The idea behind this hack is to condition your brain by only listening to a certain kind of music while you are thinking. Then when you are having trouble concentrating, you can create a conditioned response (kind of jump start your brain) by turning this music on. It took me several weeks to find the right music to think to, but I absolutely fell in love with Yo-Yo Ma’s interpretations of Bach’s Cello Suites. Its so beautiful, I find myself wanting to work, just so i can listen to it.

I noticed that I accidentally did this to myself with stress-relief as well. Whenever work feels overwhelming, I always play Sigur Rós… Yep.  Songs sung in “Hopelantic” will soothe your soul.

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