A couple years ago, my friend Nina invited me to her bellydancing recital (I bet you’ve never been to one of those before). Nina decided to take lessons after dancing at a Persian wedding and realized bellydancing was a great work out. Nina was fantastic (as you can clearly see) and the whole event was such a great time. But the one thing that really intrigued me was the way the small children who were present could hardly contain themselves–they had to just get up and dance too. Nina also explained to me that in the Persian culture, anytime families would congregate, they would dance together (even when several of them were just getting together for dinner). How cool is that?

A couple months ago, a bunch of us went to Disneyland to celebrate life (and our eldest daughter’s recent engagement). One of my favorite places there is the dance pavillion. It was amazing to watch these old couples in their 70s, a mother and her teenage son, and even a guy in a wheelchair out dancing–not caring who was watching. Their carefree attitudes were contagious and we had to jump in. As I was watching my four daughters, my sister, nieces and friends all out on the dance floor having a fabulous time, I thought about how deeply dance is engrained our collective consciousness.  I’ll mean humanity has been doing this together for thousands of years (and all over the world). What is it about dancing that we love so much?

Does music open us up more to connect with each other? I’m not sure, but I love it that its cross-cultural and no matter where we are from, or what our culture, dancing connects us (like Matt proved in this video).

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