I was reading a book from one of my favorite authors and stumbled on this thought. It was such a beautiful description of connection that I had to post it here:

“Each one of us has a spirit, this power of life in us, and like breath it is not just something that is in us but something that also issues from us. Every man has the capacity to project some of this power of his own life, his vitality, into others. It is the power literally to inspire, breathe into, and although it is invisible and intangible and cannot be put into a test tube or under a microscope, it is perhaps the greatest and most dangerous power that we have…

We can all remember certain people who were not necessarily any more intelligent or eloquent than other people but who had this power to communicate something of their aliveness in such a way that it is part of our aliveness still. This does not come through what they say or through what they do necessarily but through what they manage to be. The word “inspiring” has been so loosely used for so long that it no longer conveys very much, but again, in the literal sense that is what such people are–life-breathing, not through deeds or words so much as through some invisible force that leaps from their lives into our lives like electricity. There are times when this force of a person is so intense that we can feel it when he just walks into a room… In some measure everyone has the power to transform for good or ill the whole life of the community, invisibly, intangibly, but nonetheless really.

And one of the strangest aspects of spirit is that it does not appear to be bound by either time or space. The spirit of a community is the product not only of all who are part of it now but of all who were part of it years ago and whose very names may no longer be remembered. By the power of your spirit, your life can reach out and become part of my life, you can empower me to do things and be things that i could never manage on my own, and this can remain true whether we are six feet apart of six thousand miles, six years or sixty. The spirit of men who died centuries ago can intoxicate us, electrify us, tranform us, as much now as when they were alive.” — Frederic Buechner

That last thought made think of how much I have been “intoxicated, electrified, and transformed” by so many other people… like Albert Einstein, Eckert Tolle, Brené Brown, Brennan Manning, Bruce Mau, C.S.Lewis, Henri Nouwen, Steven Covey, Vittoria Colonna, Richard Foster, Rob Bell… and even more so, by my friends–both new and old… especially the old.

So lets all celebrate our connections. Take a minute, and leave a comment with the names of the people who have inspired and transformed you–people who are “a part of your aliveness still.” … and if you happen to have NPD (Nervous Posting Disorder, ha!), feel free to post as anon.

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Alan and Michael

October 9, 2012 10:55 am

Vittoria Colonna

October 30, 2013 6:49 pm

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