A while back, I someone walking across the ASU campus wearing a shirt that read “I am not what I own” and was surprised at what an impact that statement had on me. Its so easy to get caught up in our culture of what we own… to find our identity in the car we drive, where we live, the clothes we wear, and the computer we own.

One of my daughters met an ASU student in class who told her that she lives out of a hammock. She found herself so attached to her stuff that she wanted to make a radical lifestyle change just to make sure she could live without her possessions. So she condensed everything she needed down to a backpack and a small box of items, and sleeps in a hammock in her friend’s back yard. That amazes me.

I was also thinking about all the people that I love who have struggled with eating disorders, and how hard it is to be a female in our culture that idolizes the thin and beautiful. There are so many expectations we have on ourselves, and we are continually analyzing and judging (both ourselves and each other). Which made me realize that just as “I am not what I own“ it is also true that:

I am not what you see.

Who we really are has very little to do with what we can see in the physical. How amazing would it be if we could look past each other possessions and the way we look and see each others heart/soul instead? Actually, if you could see mine, I think it would be an old, overweight, African American woman who loves to laugh and calls everyone “honey.”

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