I was reading through my journal this morning and found an entry from 2007 about the people/ideas that influenced me to switch to mass transit. I was so glad that I wrote those ideas down because it reminded me of how connected we are to other people and how ideas can reproduce other ideas. Because who would have thought that a line from a movie about crashing and a YouTube video about hugging strangers would influence someone to start taking the bus. And since then, I have loved getting out of my private-spaces (my house, office, car, personal comfort zone) and interacting with the rest of the world… .

And as I re-watched this video that influenced me years ago, I find it still deeply resonates. And its not just me.  This resonated so deeply with people that the idea rippled across the world.

Maybe the truth is that we are all tired of feeling so disconnected from each other.

And I’m wondering what would happen to our culture if we were all more intentional about being open to the person next to us (especially the ones we don’t know yet).

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