This has been a challenging holiday season for our family because in the last couple weeks we’ve had more friends pass away than you can count on one hand. And as I sat in a several memorial services last week, surrounded by hundreds of people listening to stories about how deeply we were affected by the lives that have now passed, it was amazing to me how many people one life can touch. It was especially inspiring to honor simple people (who where neither famous or rich) but who selflessly invested their heart and souls into their children, their friends, and their communities.

Our family has a tradition of watching It’s A Wonderful Life together on Christmas Eve, and when we were watching it the other night, I saw a small detail I’ve never noticed before. There was a sign hanging in the Building & Loan that was the Bailey motto, “All that you can take with you is that which you’ve given away.” And as I watched George Bailey continually make selfless choices that affected the people around him for good, I couldn’t help but think of the friends we just said goodbye to… that did the same.

It made me want to be more intentional about giving as much as I can, making decisions for the good of the people around me, and the beauty of creating good ripples.

We are connected more than we realize.

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