In 2006 Jehane Noujaim, an Egyptian American documentary filmmaker, made a wish for world peace at the TED conference wanting to bring the world together for one day through the power of film. When I listened to Jehane talk about her ideas, they totally resonated–especially the idea that “The first step to world peace is meeting each other.” And when you hear her talk about the people she met while filming “Control Room” you totally believe in the power of “seeing through the eyes of the other.”

Her ideas resonated with more than just me because she got her wish and won the TED prize that year (which is $100,000 to help make your wish a reality). This reality was called Pangea Day and became a world-wide film festival that I couldn’t wait to experience. And the truth is, she was right. I will probably never meet this Moroccan iman and his wife face to face, but their ideas about openness, mutual recognition, and conflict resolution have become a part of who I am. Thank you, Jehane, for creating such connections.



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